About Us

A Little Bit About Us and Why We're Different in The Ways That Really Matter

Focus on Service & Performance

Storm IMC was founded back in 2014 with a clear and simple mission to provide the highest quality, full-service, digital agency offering to a select group of digitally-progressive clients that valued quality service and performance.

We never set out to be the biggest or anything close to it, just the very best in the ways that matter most to our clients; quality of service, expertise and performance.

We leverage the expertise and experience of our highly seasoned digital marketing team to deliver excellence in performance with a service that our clients love. Some do it well, we do it better.

Digital Marketing and Performance

An Experienced & Multidisiplinary Digital Marketing Team


The Right Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Above All Else, Do The Right Things

We all know that in business doing things right is important, but it’s all too easy to lose sight of the fact that doing the right things is critical. In the current age of digitally connected consumers, proliferating media channels new tools, and technologies it can be hard to see past the array of ‘bright shiny objects’ to really see where the true value is being created for your business and stay sharply focused on the mission.

Now more than ever, gaining and maintaining strategic clarity is key to developing and implementing effective marketing plans and campaigns that really move the dial for your business and drive return on investment.

Kicking Ass & Taking Names For Over 10 Years



Expertise & Experience In Your Corner

Regardless of where your business currently is on its journey with digital, our team of digital marketing experts will be able to add significant value by providing powerful insights to help formulate successful marketing strategies and implement impactful campaigns to drive results for your business that align with your business goals.

Our highly experienced team can also work with your existing marketing strategies and develop highly effective marketing assets and campaigns drawing on SEO, Google Ads, and social media to provide powerful content experiences for your target audience.

Storm imc Planning Expertise