Google Analytics 4: We're 130 Days Away
& It's Time To Get Ready!


Just a quick reminder that the current version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics Universal) is scheduled to be replaced is only 130 days away!  The best time to sort this out was about 2 or 3 months back, but the second best time to get this sorted out is right now!

Here are some recommended steps to get you started if you are attempting this yourself:

  1. Set Up GA4 Property: Set up a new GA4 property in your existing Google Analytics Account and run this alongside your existing Universal Google Analytic account, up until the deadline.

  2. Dual Tracking & Analysis: Now that you have both properties recording traffic, monitor the performance across both accounts and ensure you don't have very sizeable discrepancies between the two data sets, although 15 - 20% differences can be expected.

  3. Configure Your GA4 Account: Likely configuration settings you'll want to look at include; adjusting your session timeout settings if needed, setting up internal traffic filters and lists of unwanted referral sources, setting up cross-domain tracking if needed, changing your retention setting (recommended), reviewing your attribution settings etc.  You may want to engage a professional for much of this.

  4. Set Up Website Conversions: Set up and test all your website conversions. We highly recommend using Google Tag Manager to help implement the tracking tags.

  5. Training & Report Set Up: GA4 has very steep learning curve and it doesn't have as many out-of-the-box reports as Google Analytics Universal, so you will want to getting familiar with the new product and start creating the reports that you'll need going forward sooner rather than later.

  6. Engage An Agency: If you don't have dedicated and very experienced digital resource in-house, work with a analytics or digital marketing agency but don't delay as time is quickly running out.

Google Analytic Logo on Laptop Screen

This is a once in a decade product overhaul as opposed to just an update so don't underestimate the size of both the opportunity to jump onboard and embrace the update and also the scope to make a mess of your reporting, by not planning ahead and getting this right!

As JFK famously said, the time to The best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.

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