Google PageRank Zero?
Don’t Panic! But Yes, It Is Dead :-(

Google Have Pulled The Plug On The PageRank Toolbar

Google PageRank - The End Of An Era

If you’ve tirelessly built up your website’s Google PageRank over the years, you may have got a very nasty shock this month when you discovered that you now have a PageRank of Zero! Don’t panic, it’s unlikely that you have angered Google’s Algorithm or been sabotaged with negative SEO.

On Friday 15th April 2016, Google cut the feed to their PageRank Toolbar tool and consequently many of the SEO browser plugins and apps that reported on your website’s Google PageRank started reporting the PageRank as 0. Google PageRank was a for many Search Engine Optimisation Specialists (Link Sellers and Spammers) a much-cited metric to denote the ranking power and authority of a particular webpage. Google PageRank with it’s simple 0 – 10 scale, will be sorely missed by some, but for others, this is a much welcomed development and should help reduced the amount of link spam and move SEO’s towards focusing on more important and more regularly-updated indicators of website and page quality.

While PageRank scores are no longer available to the public via the PageRank Toolbars and other 3rd party applications, it will continue to be used by Google internally, albeit it in a much more detailed and complete.

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